Robert Kronovet 2010 REALTOR OF THE YEAR, Santa Monica Rent
Board Commissioner 2008-2012
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Santa Monica, CA 90405
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Commissioner's Robert Kronovet Press Release.

Re-Elect the Commissioner to the Rent Board 2012

"Join the Commish"

Robert's swearing in December 9. 2008 Santa Monica City Hall

Thank you again for your support in my successful campaign for election to the Santa Monica Rent Control Board, I could never have done it without you.

Since becoming your Commissioner, I am working on issues that will make Santa Monica rent control work for everyone; tenants, housing providers, all our residents alike.

Some of the important issues like: better parking for all residents, public safety, fair & balanced development, responsive local government and improvements in our public school facilities are my priorities. Public Safety is my top priority, all else stems from a well funded, responsive and growing police and fire departments. To that end I have regular meetings with Chief Jackman and Chief Horn plus various community offices and SMPD & SMFD staff.

In regard to improving our housing stock, I attend both the ACTION and AAGLA apartment owners meeting plus I communicate on a regular basis with the SMRR leadership. Additionally as a CAR director I attend all the California Association of Realtor (CAR) conventions as well as the Housing California Workshops. As your Commissioner I work with both the supply and demand equation of our housing industry, this is the best policy regarding improving our supply of quality housing stock and defending growth that benefits our residents.

As the Chairman of the Pico Improvement Organization (PIO) I stand up for small business owners because they create jobs. I have a firm commitment for job creation, because it leads to dignity and self esteem the first two ingredients to success and prosperity for our nation.

Having put two of our three children thru our school system (our last is still at SAMO), the success of SMMUSD is on my plate daily. Good schools lead to good jobs, and jobs sustain our city. From the days of Ben Franklin the health and vitality of local schools has always been at the fore front of every elected official. I am proud to put the time and energy into our great school system. The lives of all of us are touched by its prosperity.

I want to hear from you about your issues and concerns. Again you have my heartfelt thanks for your help in my election to Santa Monica Rent Control Board


Commissioner Robert Kronovet

Santa Monica Rent Control Board


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Resident, Biz Owner to Head Pico District

By Jorge Casuso

January 9 -- Realtor Robert Kronovet looks up and down Pico Boulevard and sees plenty of potential. There’s the High School and the College, four major hotels, a new park and a couple of large chain stores, in addition to pockets of small businesses.

“We have a tremendous number of assets on Pico,” says Kronovet, a former City Council and Rent Control Board candidate, who was elected Tuesday night to chair the Pico Business Improvement District.

“We’re trying to generate positive attitudes,” Kronovet says. “We’re going to keep monitoring our growth and the positive energy of the City.”

The Pico District board hopes to forge an identity for a thoroughfare that claims more than 80 diverse businesses -- from small ma and pa shops to Trader Joe’s to the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which sponsors the Grammys.

“We’re building our own success,” says Kronovet, who finished a respectable fourth in his 2006 bid to become the first non-tenant advocate elected to the Rent Board since it was created nearly three decades ago. “We want more involvement from the merchants.”

The district, which has $140,000 in the bank and an $80,000 budget to promote the area, has used its voice to lobby for everything from new signage for merchants to more officers to patrol the streets, Kronovet says.

The Pico Artists at Work Festival doubled its turnout last year and this year, the district will promote area businesses with an event that will bring two large London buses to shuttle visitors up and down the boulevard.

Although Pico has a visual identity forged in part by medians and light fixtures that help tie the eclectic street together, it lacks the cohesive nature of pedestrian strips such as The Third Street Promenade, Montana Avenue and Main Street.

Instead of long rows of shops and restaurants, Pico claims small pockets of shops separated by public institutions and parks.

But like other business districts in the city, it has grappled with the sometimes conflicting interests of merchants and residents, particularly over street parking and noise.

Both a Pico resident and a business owner, Kronovet sees a synergy between those who run businesses on the strip and the neighbors who live nearby.

“Merchants have always played a role in the prosperity of an area,” says Kronovet, who lives a block from Pico and has his realty firm on the strip. “If the businesses fall apart, the residences fall apart.”

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“We have a tremendous number of assets on Pico.” Robert Kronovet



“If the businesses fall apart, the residences fall apart.”


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