Hello and welcome to the Kronovet Realty Co. Buyers information page.

Our family is ready to offer our Realestate services to Santa Monica, Venice, Pacific Palisades and Westside Apartment owners and investors.  Since the founding of our country no investment has created more wealth then Realestate. Given time a proper management investment property has a proven track record as a hedge against inflation and a solid builder of equity.

The story goes that on occasional afternoons on the  Island of  Manhattan,  George Washington and his first commerce secretary Alexander Hamilton would stroll around town, talking to merchants and property owners, listening to their excitement, hopes and dreams. The founder would stand there seeing how free market business, as well as Realestate ownership in fair balance with small government is making America the first land of genuine generation to generation prosperity.

Private property rights starting back at the beginning of our nation were set forth as paramount... then and there honest upfront property dealings, mixed with limited government interference became America’s Standard. As it was back in 1794 and to this day this principal of safe reliable Realestate owner defines us as who we are as a nation. 

Fair, equitable dealings between Buyer and Seller. Both parties dealing in the light with Lawyers and in California Brokers and escrow companies. Each side lobbying and protecting the interests of their clients and the open process as well.

Our founders held the commerce of Realestate to be of the highest order. So strong was Congress in this commitment that it created and passed laws favoring Realestate.

Two hundred years later Saul Duff Kronovet Esq. and Robert Kronovet, Broker-Owner holds these truths above all.  Kronovet Realty Co.  believes that ownership of Realestate was and is the strongest and most dependable wealth builder in the country.

Regard the relationships with his clients Saul would say that “All Realestate deals are personal…no one party should be too happy”.  Robert knows this. “Representing a client is very personal … I know all the family and pets by name”

In the purchase on Realestate there is a Seller and a Buyer.  Kronovet Realty Co. has successfully represented both sides.  It is our policy not to function as a duel agency.  There are many bright, honest, caring and efficient Brokers in LA … we function best representing only one side per deal.  

In the normal transaction of Realestate the Broker’s fees (both Buyers’ Broker & Seller’s broker) are paid by the seller. It is the sales commission portion of the listing contract.   Therefore, the Buyer pays no fees for Broker representation. 

Buyer’s are welcome and encourage to contact our office at lease we can have coffee and talk.

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